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Open Field - A Documentary Film

Premiered October, 2020 - Austin Film Festival

Meet quarterback Sami Grisafe, San Francisco 49ers coach Katie Sowers and other legends of women's tackle football who played for the love of the game against all odds. OPEN FIELD tells the story of the women who left nothing on the field in their push for recognition and respect.


OPEN FIELD was filmed on location over the course of 5 years with full access to practice sessions, games, private team conversations in locker rooms and off-the field activities, including two national championships and three world championships with Team USA (held in Sweden, Finland, Canada). 





The Film

Kathy Kuras

Director and Producer OPEN FIELD 

Co-Founder, Vanguard Muse 

Associate Producer, Rich Daniel - Founder of WGF


The mission at Vanguard Muse is to ignite social progress through music, film and creative experiences. @VanguardMuse

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