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The Women's Gridiron Foundation offers mentorship to football program start-ups, in-person skills clinics, resources, and unique events that aim to close the gender gap in the sport of American football.  We educate, connect and empower young women around the world to a place of greater self-worth and confidence while simultaneously increasing awareness of, and participation in, the women's game on a global scale. 

We believe that sport - specifically football - is an ideal vehicle through which essential, meaningful life skills can be learned.
When a safe, supportive space is created in which females of all ages can learn this incredible game, they will not only show up, but be empowHERed for having done so!!


Just Published!!

Get your copy today, anywhere books are sold online


The tailblazing, SHANNON EASTIN, has published a great read that chronicles her journey through the male-dominated world of American football officiating. Hers is an inspiring story of perseverance and persistence.

Thank you for asking us to read and review the book, Shannon. Our foundation and I hope it flies off of the tangible and digital shelves!!!

-- Dana Sparling

Hard Work - It's Worth it! PSA

TAASA - Break The Box

Diversity is Our Strength PSA

H.K. Poet - Let Her Play PSA

It's More Than a Game

"TACKLE THE WORLD - Tough Game, Tougher Women" is a documentary look at the second-ever Women's tackle football World Championships held in Vantaa, Finland in 2013.


Women from six countries competed in a world tournament that crowned a record-setting champion. It also marked another shift in the evolution of female team sports. The challenges and barriers these women have had to overcome to participate at the highest level of their sport will inspire and move you to action.


Rent or Buy on VIMEO:

Tackle the World TRAILER

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